Baxley Trailers

All photos by Steve Cheney-805-527-7633

Hey Folks,

As most of you know, as the celebrity spokesman for Indian Motorcycle, I host a number of motorcycle rides for charity each year.  That means I have to trailer my motorcycle.  I am very excited to tell you about the best motorcycle trailer I have ever seen and I have seen and used a few.  This is truly the ultimate in motorcycle trailers.

First, it's hard to believe but this is a one man operation.  I'll never forget, I used to have to load my motorcycle around my wife's schedule or get a bellman at the hotel to help put the tie down straps on the bike while I balanced on the bike on the trailer.  Not anymore!  On a couple of occasions I forgot to put the ramp to the trailer in the back of my truck.  Well, when I got to my destination I was, as they say, "s... out of luck".  I had to find someone with a ramp or a long 2X6 to carefully get the bike on and off the trailer.  And oh yeah, there's that one little problem of balance.  You know, the 4 feet or so where your feet are not on the ground and not on the trailer.  Not fun!

Well, my Baxley Trailer has solved all of my trailer problems.  There's no ramp to remember to bring.  By raising the diamond plate Rock Guard, the trailer drops almost level to the ground for loading and unloading.  Your feet are never off the ground or the trailer. 
Once the trailer is down on the ground you can ride or push your bike onto the rail with complete confidence as to balance.
The front wheel goes into the chock.
As the wheel goes over the chock, the wheel is locked into position.  
This is where the fun comes in.  You then get off the motorcycle and walk away.  The chock holds the bike in position while you raise the trailer back to level and then add your tie down straps for travel.
As you can see from the photo, the hitch is adjustable to fit the drop down on your car or truck so that the trailer rides completely level. 
Another very cool thing about the Baxley Trailer is the suspension and shock system.  By raising the Rock Guard to a higher position, you actually raise the wheels off the ground. So, if you have a flat you don't need to get out the jack, just raise the Rock Guard and change to the spare tire mounted to the front of the trailer.
You can see from this photo the swivel jack and wheel for moving the trailer around when not on your vehicle.  It's just too darned easy. 
In this photo you can see the suspension system.  Rubber bags completely separate from the trailer.  What a concept, nothing to break.  The suspension on my old trailer broke on both sides.  I had to go to the factory for that repair.  It needed welding.
You can see in this last photo that my bike rides level to the ground.  I am ready to head down the road with confidence to know that my motorcycle and trailer is safe and secure for the trip ahead.
The folks at Baxley Trailer thought long and hard about the design of their trailer.  They really covered all their bases.  They make a single and a double rail trailer with an extra rail in the middle.  I only carry one motorcycle so I use the single trailer.  I highly recommend the Baxley trailer.  I won't use anything else.

You can check out the specs on the Baxley Trailer at their website   If your in the western United States, you can get in touch with Johnny Rotunno in Burbank, CA.  His telephone number is (818) 842-2147.  His cell is(818) 415-4163.  Or you can contact him through his new website MC-Trailers.  I guarantee, if you give Johnny a call and tell him Mickey told you to call he will bend over backward to give you the best deal possible.

Just remember, a Baxley Trailer is the last word in motorcycle trailers.  Once you own a Baxley Trailer, it's your tow for life.

Take care and God Bless,

Mickey Jones